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The chapter on "Differences to Lua" was especially sobering:

It looks like a lot of the differences are in the 'configuration'
of the underlying Lua core. No major enhancements or modifications
in sight.

And the small differences like the __usedindex extensions or the
change of the id sequence in compiled chunks only results in
mostly identical but incompatible Lua code. :(

Doesn't sound very desirable to me. Are we missing something?


Stefan Sandberg wrote:
What is the purpose and rationale behind the intention to pass this off as a new language?
It rubs me the wrong way.

A quick skim over your site results in quotes like this:

"Idle is not Lua. Sure, Idle is *based* on Lua and it tries to be as compatible as possible. But in the end it is a separate application..." -> It IS lua, with the same type of customizations people usually do, but they never claim it to be a new language.

I find this one borderline offensive:
"Why would anyone write yet another scripting language?
Well, for one thing, you haven't really lived until you have a script language to your name;-)"

You did not write a scripting language, stop stating that you did.

Release this stuff as proper lua modules and let all of us benefit from your work instead.

Thomas Lauer wrote:
The first alpha of Idle is out. Besides a few bug fixes, changes

+ a new module, sqlite3, provides full bindings and functions for
  creating and accessing SQLite3 databases

+ module Class implements a simple, but powerful class/object system

+ metamethod __len can be used to override the # operator for userdata,
  tables, and strings

+ rawlen() gets the size of userdata, tables or strings without calling
  metamethod __len

+ rawtostring() converts values into strings without calling metamethod
  __tostring (i.e. function tostring() remains unmodified)

+ table.inject() inserts the fields of one array into another array

+ util.sha1() calculates the SHA1 hash of an arbitrary string

+ the Idle compiler now supports producing executables for the Windows
  and console subsystems

This version is available for systems running Windows 2000 and later.
For details, documentation and downloads see