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I've found that its relatively easy to add the entire history of Lua
(1.0 - 5.1.2) using the sequence of tarballs and the dates associated
with them (Lua 1.0 turns out to be 'later' than 1.1, but that doesn't
sound too problematic...)

Is anybody else interested in this?  I could post up a repository on (public GIT repository hosting). allows for
history-sensitive 'forks' to be created, which may be useful for users
interested in making patches/hacks to Lua and have those publicly
available and available to merge into personal trees/etc and
potentially the 'main' repository into a branch.

W/ that it'd be easier to port some patches/hacks between versions
since someone could apply the patch to the 'old' tagged version into a
new branch and then merge that further ahead.  Since GIT has some
pretty good merging abilities w/ history tracking, some old hacks
might 'possibly' be trivial to port.

Thomas Harning Jr.