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On 08/09/2007, Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
> hello, "Mauro Iazzi" <>.
> On Sat, 8 Sep 2007 20:12:45 +0200
> "Mauro Iazzi" <> wrote:
> > Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned. Don't know if I'll ever apply the
> > generator to Qt3... When I package it you could try yourself.
> aaargh. i'm too lazy for it, that's why i'm waiting for someone to
> write bindings instead doing it myself. %-)

ideally it could be as easy as writing a single command line.... I
don't know, though, because I'm new to Qt, and used only Qt4. So I
really don't know how is the code of Qt3 like. I cannot guess if "lqt"
would parse every corner case correctly...