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Hello to all,

Although I have been a bit out of the Lua world lately, I still read
the mailing list--sometimes it is a good to keep up with latest
Lua-related rants & improvements. And one thing I always liked of the
Lua community os the good mood of the people here.

Maybe you have noticed that Lua has been just featured in OSNews:

I think this is great because it is a site read by a big amount of
people, so maybe this makes people which was unaware of its existence
get in touch with Lua for first time.

Keep on the good work, and I hope the community will continue being as
nice as until now.

Best regards, 

It's an old magical principle -- it's even filtered down into RPG
systems -- that magic, while taking a lot of effort, can be 'stored' --
in a staff, for example.  No doubt a wizard spends a little time each
day charging up his staff, although you go blind if you do it too much,
of course. -- (Terry Pratchett,

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