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hello, Geoff Leyland <>.

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:52:59 +1200
Geoff Leyland <> wrote:

> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to achieve the same thing  
> (work out if we're being run as someone else's module or as a top- 
> level script) a better way?

here's my code. it works in Lua 5.1+

function kmodule (module, name)
  if type(package.loaded[name]) == "userdata" then
    -- emulate "module"
    module._M = module;
    if type(name) == "string" then
      module._NAME = name;
      local pkg = name:match("^(.-%.)[^%.]*$") or "";
      module._PACKAGE = pkg;
    return module;
  else return false;

and usage:
local mymodule = {};

function mymodule.MyFunc ()


if kmodule(mymodule, ...) then return mymodule; end;

and then:
local mymodule = require "mymodule";

i don't like to pollute global namespace. %-)