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Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web server that uses a modular architecture
based on URI mapped handlers. Xavante currently offers a file handler,
a redirect handler and a CGILua handler. Those are used for general files,
URI remapping and CGILua scripts respectively.

Xavante is free software and uses the same license as Lua.

Xavante 1.3.1 [31/Aug/2007]
* Replaces the use of the cgi table by cgilua.POST and cgilua.QUERY in
the examples
* Correcting the behavior of coxpcall when used with C functions
(patch by Ignacio Burgueño)
* Correcting issues with chucked encoding. Now it only sends the
Transfer-Encoding header when necessary. (patch by Ignacio Burgueño)
* Correcting the handling of cached files in filehandler. (patch by
Ignacio Burgueño)
* New /web structure, using a dynamic index to documentation in

Xavante source and documentation can be found at

Feedback is welcome!