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On 8/28/07, Tom Miles <> wrote:

I had exactly the same problem as you, but i'm afraid to say that to get around it I disabled that bit of functionality in the lua math library.  Dirty, but it worked!

Wow. That doesn't seem like I should have to comment out those lines to make it work.

I also forgot to mention that I had to ignore 'LIBCMT.lib' because some functions conflict with the standard C++ library. That is actually why the linker can not find it. It is contained in 'LIBCMT.lib'. But I need to solve this problem. Any other thoughts? What about defining it in "luaconf.h"? Does anybody know what the value actually should be so I can define it correctly? All I can find is that it is an extern in "math.h", but not what the actual value should be.
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