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> The above is how it's *supposed* to work.  The bug is that
> intermittently (and not on all supported platforms, and of course
> *never* under the debugger) chunks of text which were supposed to go
> to the per-test logfile either fail to show up anywhere, or show up in
> the status file instead.

This reminds me of a phenomenon I see very rarly with our build system (make). Sometime (perhaps every ~10000 make invocations) the output that is supposed to go to stdout is intermixes in a generated file.  Needless to say that this is not reproducible once the miss-generated files are analysed.  And we don't run Lua in our build system.

I've seen this up to now only on our Linux Red Hat machines.  Never on the AIX or SunOS systems we also use.

I think this has nothing to do with Lua and is perhaps an OS bug.