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Shane Lee wrote:
> I believe I see what you mean. I included the C code in my earlier
> reply for your perusal, however I am not aware of any other methods of
> obtaining the results I require other than what I have already
> attempted.

Yep, that's what you're doing.

The thing to remember is that the lua_State, L, remembers all functions
defined by your scripts; and that a function()...end sequence in the script is
actually a *statement* that, when executed, defines a function.

So by running the script *once*, you define all your functions. Once defined,
you can call them; you just don't need to redefine them again.

> It does help tremendously. It tells me that I have absolutely no idea
> what I am doing :-P

Actually, most of your code is right; it's just, ahem, not quite in the right

The only thing you need to do is to split the code up so that luaL_dofile() is
only called once, and everything from lua_getglobal() onwards is called three
times. That should work. You also need to use lua_pcall() instead of
lua_call(). If an error occurs in the Lua script, Lua will attempt to throw an
exception using an internal longjmp-based mechanism; lua_pcall() will catch
these. lua_call() doesn't, so if something goes wrong, Bad Stuff happens.

You also need to be aware that const char* strings on the Lua stack only
remain valid for as long as the Lua string is on the stack... so as soon as
you call lua_pop(), ret dies.

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