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> I don't think that's what was meant.  I believe that the intended meaning
> was that, up to the moment you actually submitted a form you could back up
> through a series of forms and your entries would be kept for you.  This is
> better than having the forms refresh on "back" because it saves piles of
> typing and I have seen this behavior before - though I don't believe that it
> is, in general, a feature implemented with continuations....

Even if it is implemented with continuations, you do not need multi-shot
continuations for that.

The real "interesting" scenario is when you open multiple windows into
the same session and play with them. E.g., you open the "next" form in
a different window (window 2), then press the back button in window 1
(one or more times), change some fields, go ahead again, and then switch
to windows 2 and from there you complete your transaction. This is what
continuations are supposed to "solve" (whatever your expectations ;).

-- Roberto