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On Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:50:25 -0300
"Fabio Mascarenhas" <> wrote:

> LuaProfiler is a time profiler designed to help finding bottlenecks on
> your Lua program.
> [..]
> Feedback is welcome!

I'm currently writing a very graphics-intense framework in Lua, and I've
been using the CVS version of LuaProfiler for the past couple of weeks.
Thanks to LuaProfiler's assistance, my software is now running by
magnitudes faster than in the beginning. Thank you!

What I'm missing is just a somewhat higher granularity, i.e. the
possibility to gather statistics on individual source lines. A minor
shortcoming is that for generators and identically named methods of
different classes can't be distinguished. The latter is unfortunate
because I'm using a very object-oriented approach for my problem.

- Timm

Timm S. Mueller <>