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Just wondering, is the resumable VM patch in use/development?

I find it much more palpable than using Coco and limiting my # of
coroutines or having to guess how much stack I need.  Limiting my # of
coroutines because 32k of stack per coroutine (looks like thats it
from the src code) is quite a bit.... even if it is lower than that,
then I have to guess how much stack is going to be needed.

Anybody find any useful solutions/benchmarks/usage scenarios...

Another direction... does anybody see mixing an RVM w/ LuaJIT/Coco
possible in the future?
Perhaps you'd have to tag a coroutine as being resumable using RVM or Coco...

Speaking of patches.. has there been any more discussion re the atomic
small-strings patch?
Thomas Harning Jr.