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Duck wrote:
1. A compile-time directive to select support for 64-bit (or at least 52-bit/53-bit) file offsets in the IO library.

should be the default. on systems that doesn't support big offsets, a config.h define should fall back.

2. Compile-time (or even run-time!) support for choosing 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit "chars" as the basis of strings.

3. Standardised compile-time selection of a floating point "number" type with more than 64 bits of integer precision.

can't see any sane reason for these.

And as David B said, I think that Lua needs standardised, albeit optional, libs for sockets (the core C component of LuaSocket would be an ideal candidate here) and for some sort of pre-emptive multithreading (LuaThreads would be an ideal candidate here).

I'd love to agree; but the table implementation is very non-concurrent dependent, resulting in almost no multitasking. that's why most recent multitasking libs use the 'many states' model.

Whichever libs are chosen for the above, they should be capable of being built as shared libraries, or built in, without source modification.

to this i agree wholeheartedly!

4. Compile-time directive to require globals to be defined as globals (don't care whether there's a global keyword or not) before use, and not allowing them to burst into life due to a typo :-)

beaten to death before.