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W. C. Bubel wrote:
> Is there a specific provision for this, that I overlooked, or would trick need 
> to be involved?

Yup. Look at luaL_ref() and luaL_unref(). They allow you to store a Lua object
(such as a function pointer) in a registry, and then access it by integer key.
This allows you to turn the Lua function pointer into a nice safe integer,
which can then be stored by C without running the risk of confusing the
garbage collector.

Your setcallback() calls luaL_ref() to store the function; when you want to
call it, you use lua_rawgeti() to retrieve it, and call it with pcall()
normally; once you're done with the callback, you call luaL_unref() to unset it.

You can use LUA_REGISTRYINDEX to specify the global registry, if you don't
want to make your own.

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