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Patrick Donnelly wrote:
I'm curious what features people would like to see added to Lua.

This comment is from the perspective of a software tool developer. In that context I am talking about inspecting Lua internals and Lua objects from C.

I'd like to see the ability to actually get a class name for a class object. Currently when you query an object for its type (from C) you just get "Table", which is not very useful. Its much more useful to know that a "Weeble" object is possibly leaking (look there are 10,000 of the critters!) rather than noticing the Table count has increased by 10,000.

I was talking with Bob Pappas from Adobe(*) yesterday (we were talking about the Lua Memory Validator product I am involved with) and this issue came up - he had lots of Table objects but we couldn't tell which class/type each object was. It limits the info you can get from a tool like Lua Memory Validator (or any tools like it, not that I am aware of any others for Lua).


(*) Sorry the name dropping but I've mentioned this because it did happen and it shows that big names are using Lua and interested in issues such as this.