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LuaDoc is a documentation generator tool for Lua source code.
It parses the declarations and documentation comments in a set of Lua source
files and produces a set of XHTML pages describing the commented declarations
and functions.

The output is not limited to XHTML. Other formats can be generated by
implementing new doclets. The format of the documentation comments
is also flexible and can be customized by implementing new taglets.

LuaDoc 3.0 works with Lua 5.1 and is a major refactoring of version 2.0

The source code and documentation is available at

LuaDoc is free software and uses the same license as Lua.

Feedback is welcome!

In taglet/standard.lua, I had to modify the line in the parse_comment function:

if not util.line_empty(line) and not line:find"%s*local" then

to be

if not util.line_empty(line) then

because comments like:

-- Foo
local function bar()

aren't parsed.

Is there a reason for the current implementation?