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Duck escribió:

This is sort-of what LuaTask does. It's kind of like old-school share-nothing parallelism (anyone remember the Transputer :-) implemented inside Lua using OS-level threads, and with a built-in, simple and inexpensive IPC/synchronisation mechanism using message passing.
Errr... I am not so young... ;-)

The only problem with LuaTask is that (sorry, Daniel :-) the current release version has an unremediated critical bug, and that there are some question marks over its production-readiness from at least one theoretical analysis, and from one practical report, recently published on this list. But the core idea is very neat. Multithreaded multitasking without all those !$@%^% mutexes:-)
Thanks... (I guess...)
LuaTask 1.6.2 is around the corner... I'm testing right now.