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Every modern scripting language probably needs
'official' (if not 100% portable to ANSI C) support
for sockets and threads -- Lua nearly, but not actually,
has neither.

I guess the 'needs' part has to do with the primary
purpose of said language.

I was thinking for what you might call marketing purposes to newcomers :-) Lack of (optional) socket support might seem somewhat limiting.

Besides, what's wrong with LuaSocket?

I guess it fits the bill...but it's not something that you can download as an official (if optional) part of Lua -- it's semi-official to the point that it's mentioned in official Lua books, but not actually _official_.

Something equivalent to popen2() wouldn't half be nice, too, for platforms which support it. I suppose I'm thinking here of Lua as a scripting language (e.g. like gawk) not just an embedding language.