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I second this!

Asko Kauppi wrote:

Suggestion to the Lua authors:

In next version, you might consider using "coroutine" everywhere where thread now is (including the type name!). This is because multithreading packets will be more and more used, like LuaSocket already is for net stuff, and the "thread" reference does confuse people.

With multithreading packages, there will be "threads" (the threads the packets provide, Lua constructs) and "OS threads" (the underlying threads, which might or might not have a 1:1 mapping to Lua threads). And OS threads map to kernel and user threads.... :)


John Klimek kirjoitti 10.8.2007 kello 6:15:

I'm a little confused because the terms "coroutine" and "thread" are
used somewhat interchangeably in the Lua documentation.

Are Lua "coroutines" and "threads" the same exact thing?