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	Never was my intent substitute JavaScript. I use it and like it.
That is why write a Lua like in JavaScript wasn't the goal. It's very
integrated with the DOM and does an amazing job. I just miss some
functionality. I can use Java to do that job, but Java is faaat. I can use
flash to do so. But Flash is commercial. Why not Lua??? Script like (no
builds!!! Write and run.). Change sources can be done directly in ftp client
or vim!!! Fast and light enough to not crack the user browser.
Cross-Platform interpreters. I use the Lua dll on win, Lua so on Linux. Code
can be created dynamically. Well... i like the idea (course...).


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> The incredible Mark Hammond integrated COM and Python (the Python win32com
> module), and he also integrated XPCOM and Python (the mozilla pyxpcom
> extension). 
> The pyxpcom effort to integrate Python into Mozilla resulted in cleaning
> the Mozilla code in ways that will make it easier to integrate Lua in the
> same way. 

this way is deprecated. the new story from mozilla is Tamarin (Adobe's
ECMAscript runtime) turns into a language-agnostic VM, for Javascript, Ruby,

doubtful that Lua would perform better on it than its own vm, of course..
and whether youd want to bother when JS is pretty similar