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Well, first you need to follow the _javascript_ model and disable the io library completely.  This will at least show that you attempted to secure your module.  Try to find the other libraries that could cause a problem and disable them as well (in fact anything outside of the core lib shouldn't be active IMHO).  Then offer up the "Developer" version with things like the debug library enabled.  Finally, create a module yourself that will be surfaced that allows you to do things like document.write and document.location = bla bla bla.

As for OpenSource or not, the Mozilla JS engine is completely opensource and this has led to many security improvements over the years.  So OpenSource is a good option.

Personally, I think that approaching Mozilla, Opera, etc and asking what their feelings on the subject of yet another client side scripting language are.  After all, many have tried and failed in the past.  The one that seems to have survived is JS :)


"Help I suffer from the oxymoron Corporate Security."

On 8/1/07, Rafael - SosCpdTerra <> wrote:
>Can the plugin download Lua code off the 'net and run it? Because if so,
>is a huge security risk --- it's not so much as a security hole as a huge
>gaping abyss! And if it does so without asking the user first (every time),
>then it probably also counts as a back door...

        Exactly my point. Yes, that can be done so far, and I'm not
controlling that right now. I really do not do that thinking in a back door,
but... ;) like father, like sun... I think too in the follow: Who will
distribute this plug-in?