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	My intent with this post isn't to open or not the source, but how
can I do that in a secure methodology (believe that can be handled). In this
stage of development, I give absolutely no control to user. The plug-in is
installed quietly and is ready to go. Lua code in the browser can do
whatever Lua can do running directly from a shell. Sorry if I can point that
first time.


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[] Em nome de Erik Hougaard
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Rafael - SosCpdTerra wrote:
>             I'm working in a Lua Cross-Browser Plugin and I have just
> .............................
> can I have some help with this? I'm a little scare to open the source and
> use and this code be used to crack other people systems. I don't work so
> in a secure way to do so, and open the source to have some help just make
> think.
Security by obscurity has proven time after time to be insecure ;)