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On 8/1/07, Tom Miles <> wrote:

Now, my understanding of how modules work is that a module is loaded into a table, stored in a "packages" table, then a copy is also stored in the globals table of the enviornment it is loaded into, and another copy returned which can be stored in a differently named variable by the code calling require if desired.  As lua doesn't work with references, if the module has a variable within it, then there will now by potentially 3 different copies of this variable.

Nope, Lua DOES use references, all three will be references to the same table. It sounds like there is must be some other problem if you are requiring packages from several environments created from the same original main state and they all seem to be getting a new version each time, the package system uses the shared registry table. Do you have a simple example of one of the modules you are using?