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On 7/31/07, Mike Pall <> wrote:
Since you've already installed MinGW, you're much better off
compiling Lua yourself. A "make mingw" takes a few seconds.

Yes I already tried this. It didn't help. :( I was simplifying the example so people could build it easier.

Try the standard compile first. If this doesn't work then try
adding -fexceptions. Or try compiling Lua with the C++ compiler.

 How do I compile Lua with the C++ compiler. I include a lua.hpp that extern C's the files, so I think I already am. I will try adding the -fexceptions flag tomorrow.

Or compile your C++ code without exception handling. :-)

I can't do this. My entire re-use library uses exception.

Some permutation of this will make it work. That is ... until
someone strips the binaries or ... anyway, excuse my rant.

Well that is OK, I just need this to work. It is crazy that all my other code works fine, but all of it has been C++ code, not C.
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