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--- Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
> yes. but there can be a way to process dataset row
> by row in the
> client, for example (it depends of task, of course).
> so you'll have 1M
> in SQL helper and couple of KB in client...
> or something like this. just process data chunk by
> chunk and don't keep
> the whole data in memory.
Yes, that would reduce the overall memory footprint at
the expense of the protocol overhead becomes even
greater and the performance even worse.

> and you always can write the time-consuming parts in
> the `real'
> language, where Lua `hooks' calls here and there...
Yes, but this really is not a case of "expensive"
operation that I need to out source to another process
but more about the possibility of having the whole
process blocked by one case in 100(or 1000). If it is
8/10 that it is going to be time-consuming, of course
the overhead becomes a non-issue.

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