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I am trying to write a binding of xyssl(much lighter
than openssl, I can get a 170K so which depends only
on libc so) for lua.

I use the socket:getfd() call to pass the fd to xyssl
which works in normal case.

However, I have problem putting COPAS to work in this

COPAS use luasocket's select() call to wait for
events. And subsequently use luasocket's send/receive

In this case, the select() works but the send/receive
should be my own(xyssl in this case). Though if I pass
the xyssl object to COPAS, select() doesn't work as
luasocket check for object type of its own.

Would it be better to have COPAS use my choosen
send/receive function ?

Or alternatively, the select() could be a seperate
function which don't check for the object(luasocket in
this case) but just use getfd() of the object to get
the fd instead ?

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