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Like the other replies have already mentioned, there are currently two different approaches.
LuaJava is probably best if you intend to run Lua on a Javaplatform where you can run the jni layer.
It would work on desktop OS:es but not on mobile phones.
Kahlua and lua4j implements Lua VM.

I have personally searched around for a Lua VM in java before but found none so I made my own. It shall be very interesting to see the lua4j project. I hope it supports some of the features that Kahlua doesn't!

Jools, if you're not very far along, perhaps you want to take a look at my current progress?


2007/7/20, Alysson Bruno <>:

I Work in Java, therefore wanted to know if somebody is developing a Lua
version for Java? I'm search in Lua addons page and find nothing.

OBS: sorry some  error, my English is bad.

paz e sucesso,

Alysson Bruno