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Hasn´t someone started another Lua-like VM in Java some time ago?
I believe the project was called Kahlua or something like that...

Jools escreveu:


I'm currently developing a Lua VM in Java. Only started it last week, but we now have 'hello world" working.
There will be a website setup in the next few weeks for at

I'll make a posting here when we have an initial release.



On 7/20/07, Alysson Bruno <> wrote:

I Work in Java, therefore wanted to know if somebody is developing a Lua
version for Java? I'm search in Lua addons page and find nothing.

OBS: sorry some  error, my English is bad.

paz e sucesso,

Alysson Bruno

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
Coordenador Técnico
IT Quality Systems
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