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On 7/12/07, Irayo <> wrote:
Check out Coco, a true C-coroutines patch for Lua.  It involves patching
the actual Lua source, but it's worked well for me so far when I've done
similar tasks to what you're trying to do.

I think this will help with what you're trying to do.  Please ignore me
if I am wrong. :-)
"* Yield from C functions and resume back to them."

Some more info: the code will be running on an embedded Linux platform
(and even a non-Linux one). I see that MIPS is supported by Coco which
makes it interesting. One potential hurdle is that I already patched
Lua to use 'long' as number format instead of floating point because
the hardware doesn't have an FPU and we're not really interested in
floating point calculations in our usage.

I'll have a look at it but for now I think I'll start with my
alternative. Suggestions about the first solution still welcome