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On 7/12/07, <> wrote:
Spencer Schumann wrote:
> The detailed chart for Lua (
> shows a huge jump in popularity in the last few months.  Does anyone
> have a theory as to what caused this dramatic rise?

I became re-interested in Lua since Adobe Lightroom was released in late
February, 2007.  The rumors of an SDK (requiring lua skills) after the
1.1 release prompted my subscription to this list (yes, 1.1 has been
released, but no, the SDK hasn't been released yet).


I became interested in lua when I heard about the LuaTeX project.
It is great fun to embed a functional/dynamic programming language into TeX.
but I wonder whether Lua can do the job because it lacks full support
for Unicode strings, and it is too slow to use Lua to handle the
Opentype/Truetype font information, especially CJK fonts.