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Hi list,

I have a project written in C++, and I've found that lua is the
prefect solution for my needs with structured-input configuration
(though it's actually so much more than that).  Since lua is so
integral to my project, I would like to include the lua library API
source (and maybe the executables too, for testing scripts) into my

Since I decided to use autotools with my project, I went ahead and
replaced the lua source Makefiles with and put it in a
subdirectory of my project.  So, it gets picked up when automake runs,
and this seems to work so far.

I know I'm not the first person to do this, so I wonder if others
might contribute to the list what their experiences are with embedding
the lua API source into their projects.  In particular, is there
anything to watch out for?  (On the software/portability side, I mean
-- the copyright notices and licenses are not a question I have).