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I think the use of "http[s]" protocols can be obtained by using the client library of subversion. I am intending to play with this library and then release another version with "http[s]" support. I would like to release this soon, but as I have another tasks, it should take some time (not much I hope).


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De: RJP Computing <>
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Enviadas: Segunda-feira, 9 de Julho de 2007 17:58:16
Assunto: Re: [ANN] LuaSVN 0.1

On 7/9/07, Sérgio Medeiros <> wrote:


sorry for the noise. I always type this wrong :-(

The correct name is LuaSVN


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De: Sérgio Medeiros < >
Para: Lista lua <>
Enviadas: Segunda-feira, 9 de Julho de 2007 17:16:24
Assunto: [ANN] LuaSNV 0.1


I have developed a small library that allows to use some Subversion functions
from Lua.

If anybody is interested, there is more information available at:

For those who prefer Portuguese the URL is:

Any feedback is welcome.

Hi. This looks promising, except how long until it supports more then local repositories? This makes the functionality really limited, in my humble opinion. I would have a large use for this once you have support for http[s]:// protocols. Thanks for sharing.
RJP Computing

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