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Sometime on Sun, 8 Jul 2007, Asko wrote:
>Lua Lanes allows you to give specific OS level priorities to the
>Lua states you are running, and/or aborting them completely if
>necessary. It kind of helps you do the kinds of sandboxing that
>Lua is good for, without going "inside".

I noticed a while back, and was reminded by your post today that
there is something wrong with your project's configuration at
Luaforge. At ( there is a
link to the project home page (
Attempting to follow that link, firefox says:

   "You have chosen to open
	<<<big blank space here>>>
    which is a: application/x-httpd-php ..."

rather than displaying a useful page. I'm guessing that luaforge
isn't configured right to support PHP pages?

Of course, given that index.php (saved to disk and inspected)
does not contain strings like either lua or lanes might indicate
that there is something else going on entirely ;-)