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On 5-Jul-07, at 5:49 PM, Duck wrote:

I suspect that this is a perennial question (judging by a quick look at some list postings of the past)...

...but does anyone have either a patch or a package which implements a bidirectional popen()? One which allows not just "r" xor "w" like the standard version, but also "rw" so that I can use the file handle it returns to push data into and get data out of the stdin/stdout of the subprocess?

The mode for read-write is "r+", not "rw". That will work fine on BSDs, but Linux doesn't support bidirectional popen as far as I know.

Oh, and which is portable between at least Linux and Windows, if not also OS X and the BSDs?

Try Mark Edgar's implementation of spawn, available soon on LuaForge,
with a preliminary version available here: