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Minardo Gollun Gonzalez Lopez wrote:
> I need a code, using Lua5.1.2 that allows me to load a Lua file and print the name of all the functions that have the document. Please any people that have an example or tutorial send It to me because I have not been able to make an example that loads lua and execute it correctly using the latest libraries.
> Saludos: Ing. Minardo G. González López.
using lua.exe

execute lua dump_function.lua your_script.lua


file = ...

dofile( file )

for key, value in pair( _G )
    if( isfunction( value ) ) then
        print( key .."\n" )

It should do the stuff( I've not tested, but you get the idea )

Julien Hamaide
Engineering Coach
10Tacle Studios Belgium / Elsewhere Entertainment