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On 2-Jul-07, at 3:05 PM, SosCpdTerra wrote:

What are you talking about? I cannot pass this return value to a variable
and typecast into whatever I want? I guess this is the evil!!

If you want a mutable copy of the string, you need to make a copy of the string.


I have this
void figureout(char *what, int ever)

and I must his 2 args came from lua. Im trying to do this:

int serial(lua_State *L) //my registered function
        int argc = lua_gettop(L);
        const char var1 = lua_tostring(L, 1);
        int var2 = int(lua_tonumber(L, 2));
        figureout(var1, var2);
        return 0;

There is another way? I can't see that way, and that is my problem.

Declare figureout properly:

void figureout(const char *what, int ever)

Functions which take string arguments and do not modify them should not be declared as taking char *.