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On 7/1/07, Tony Finch <> wrote:
On Sun, 1 Jul 2007, Fabio Mascarenhas wrote:

> There are semantic mismatches between the DLR and Lua, mostly in the varargs
> and multi-values department, but also on tail calls, and Lua-style
> coroutines.

Does it support arbitrary types as table indexes?

Python dictionaries can have anything as a key, so I guess yes. But I wouldn't reuse a Pythonic dictionary implementation for Lua, as we would lose the array optimization. That's what I did for my Lua CLR compiler, anyway.
Where is there a technical description of the DLR?

Jim Hugunin published a high-level view of somethings in his blog (and there are some slides here: There's also some documentation in the form of a chm file, but mostly it's "use the source, Luke".

Fabio Mascarenhas