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I've been working with Lua enums lately, too. Or rather, Lua/C enums, since I believe a direct connection to the C side is often essential in this question. Most enumerations originally come from C libraries, and thus binding them right through is safer and less work, than duplicating the values in Lua.

Light userdata would otherwise be perfect, but they don't support metatables.

My solution is real userdata, with an ".etag" string in the metatable, giving away the enumeration family. This way, code can be made enumeration family aware (cross-family usage caught at runtime).

Final problem, which remained, was table access. Having two userdata with same "value" does not grant uniqueness when used as table keys. This is important for UI callback tables, for example. The way I had to solve it (not ideal) is keeping a list of existing values, and if a new, say, 0x8000 is pushed, that existing cache is checked first and a value from there used instead. This grants uniqueness as table keys, but may consume quite a bit of memory if there are many individual enum values. Good for me, though.

A solution from Lua that would grant "all of the best" would be a middle layer, "semi-light" userdata, which would work as pointers, but allow for metamethods. That would take the need for the nasty already existing values lookup away.