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There is pretty much information on this at the Wiki (http://lua- and in list archives.

Personally, I've found Selene ( to be promising in making a "Unicode version" of Lua. Most people end up customizing such in one way or the other, it is true that a Unicode enhanced (say, all text UTF-8) version of Lua would be tasty.

(Disclaimer: there are opinions, all of which can be found at the archives. This is mine. :)


YangFan kirjoitti 20.6.2007 kello 14:54:


I'm working on a project compiled as unicode charset, and I embed Lua 5.1 interpreter. As you can imagine, I get a widechar string always, and will be passed to Lua functions, or I fetch a result from Lua function with the char* type, I have to convert it to wchar_t*. So inconvenient! So I hope to find a solution that can help compiling Lua as unicode charset. Any reply would be appreciated.