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Good morning (well, it's morning here in Germany, at least)

>>  local Result = false;  -- you could also use "nil" here
>>     Result = Result or "anything else";
>>   io.stdout:write("Result = '"..tostring(Result).."'");
>What if you write:
>  local Result = false;  -- you could also use "nil" here
>   io.stdout:write("Result = '"..tostring(Result).."'");

This gives "false" or "nil" resp.

>The "or" seems to work from your post, so maybe it is not making the  
>local variable correctly.

No, it doesn't - the result of "or" should be "anything else",
since <false> or <nil> are logically "false"  and  "or" should
thus return its second argument  (it's "and", which yields its
first argument, if that is false)

The behaviour is also the same,  regardless of  whether  I use
global or local variables.

Kind regards,

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