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Hi Diego... sorry, here's the PITA again:-)

However, I thought it better to post this before you release your
planned update for luasocket.

Have a look at ftp.lua, line 91:

> self.try(server:settimeout(TIMEOUT))

I think that should read:

> self.try(self.server:settimeout(TIMEOUT))

And a small thing in line 192:

> u = url.parse(t.url)

might be better as:

> local u = url.parse(t.url)

But I think that should be it for a good while.

(There was a post a few weeks ago by lhf about luac -l -l (yes, two -l).
The listing this produces and a 'grep GETGLOBAL' is an invaluable tool
to locate this sort of thing.

This double -l switch should be documented somewhere!)

cheers  thomasl

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