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Paul Hudson wrote:

> I know I’m flogging a dead horse here, and I do not expect it ever to
> change (or want it to, as it would be too disruptive), but things like
> this make me more certain in my view that combining dictionaries/hash
> tables and contiguously-indexed-arrays in Lua was a mistake.

But the interface hasn't changed. Lua the language hasn't changed. You
can still use non contiguously indexed arrays. You can still use
whatever you want (except nil) to index a table. I don't get the gripe.
We're only talking about the implementation here. I know, I know, the
implementation matters as far as performance goes. But in this case it

The only change in the language that is relevant to this discussion is
the definition of the '#' operator. It managed to escape from the
implementation through the protective membrane of the interface.


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