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On May 30, 2007, at 10:15, Philippe Lhoste wrote:

On 29/05/2007 18:14, PA wrote:
I'm always curious about, ahem, curiosities... so bring it on :)

Well, it was in my message... :-)

Doh... I was looking for an attachment and overlooked the end of your email :^)

BTW, there is a dofile that can be commented out, it is my object dump routine I use for debugging.

To keep you company, here is a rather wacky pseudo implementation which uses the file system to persist its data structure...

Ah, I missed the "file system" part and was surprised by the lfs.mkdir calls... Wacky indeed! :-D

Adding a word to the trie builds a directory structure, e.g.:

aTrie[ 'moonstruck' ] = 'moonstruck'

Will create something like ./m/o/o/n/s/t/content.txt

The content file being a serialized Lua table holding all the values matching a given key (the keys being, hmmm, normalized to ASCII letters six characters long).

for aKey, aValue in aTrie() do
    print( aKey, aValue )

> moonst  moonstruck