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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
In your Lua example, the common state is stored as an upvalue. You can
also have upvalues in C. But you can also achieve the same effect with a
function environment, and in your case, I think a function environment
is more suited.

Okay, I understand your example for using the environment, and thank you Mr. Vuarand very much for the code!

However, I'd like to also understand using lua_pushcclosure as well, as suggested by Mr. Roberts and Sr. de Figueiredo. I understand how to use lua_pushcclosure for a single function but how would I use it to define two functions that share an upvalue? Do I just push the seed value on the stack and then call lua_pushcclosure for "srand" and then push the seed value again and call lua_pushcclosure again for "rand"?

long seed = 12345;

lua_pushinteger(L, seed);
lua_pushcclosure(L, srand, 1);
lua_pushinteger(L, seed);
lua_pushcclosure(L, rand, 1);