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Ok, I have successfully merged my application, Lua, and SWIG! I am able to access my variables in Lua and read the modified values. Thanks to all who helped!

I noticed one bug, however. The wrapped code is not checking the number of parameters passed into the routines. I can send in any number of parameters, even if the parameter takes only one.

Also, is there a way to make the error messages more specific to the function that is failing? Right now, it says something like "argument 2 is not a number", but I'd like it to say "argument 2 to call GetXi is not a number".

I have one last question, which might not be Lua specific:

I have a function :

void ParseTime (double, int &year, int &day, int &hour, int &minute, int &second, long &nano);

for which I would like to return multiple values, or return the results in a Lua table. If I try to wrap it as is, it doesn't really work when I call it from Lua code. What is the best way to make this a routine like "time = ParseTime (doubleT)" and have it return either multiple values or in a table?