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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> > Somehow I've managed to overlook token filters but they are clearly
> > the way to go, especially given the performance concerns I have.
> On the other hand, writting token filters in C unfortunately requires you
> to know some of the internals of Lua, as the ugly line below shows:

Oh, that's fine. I've played a bit with the Lua lexer and parser, so
I'll find my way around. Plus the sources are in general easy to read
and to follow.

> But if you're only dealing with numerical constants, then this won't be needed
> (and the code I sent you can be made much simpler).

Yes, I've seen that. I will indeed concentrate on numericals as this is
far and away the largest group. And for the rest I can always mix and
match between C and Lua. Users of my library will just see these
constants: where and how these are expanded ain't none of their

Once again, 'brigado!
cheers  thomasl

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