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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
There's a free version of Visual C++ available on Microsoft website for
at least the X86, AMD64 and IA64 architectures. And if you don't even
have windows to run them, I think they can be run from wine without much

I prefer to not use this free (and crippled) version.

I created a Lua script to generate the def file and run gcc on the page
below. The script for VC++ is at the top, the one for GCC is at the

Your efforts deserve much appreciation!
It didn't work for me though:

> Cannot export lua5.1.luaL_addlstring: symbol not defined
> Cannot export lua5.1.luaL_addstring: symbol not defined
> Cannot export lua5.1.lua_xmove: symbol not defined
> Cannot export lua5.1.lua_yield: symbol not defined
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> strip: 'lua51.dll': No such file

I suppose it may be due to old versions of GCC (3.4.2) and
LD (2.15.91) that are installed on my system.