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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> On 23/05/2007 03:02, Jérôme Vuarand wrote:
>> My proxy DLL is different. It is a resource-only DLL containing
>> export forwarders. It's a kind of meta-data that the kernel DLL
>> loader recognize and use to forward calls to other DLLs.
> Interesting, I didn't knew you could make such DLL...
> Note on the Wiki page: I don't understand the sentence:
> "It is similar to what you can find on LuaProxyDllTwo (and to some
> extent on LuaProxyDllTwo)." 
> Perhaps the second link should be to LuaProxyDllOne or something like
> that. 
> Thanks for that solution.

The second link is for LuaProxyDll, thanks for the feedback :-)