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On 16/05/2007, at 2:49 AM, Mark Edgar wrote:

In fact not even the backslash is not special in classical (BRE and
ERE) regexes when used in a bracket expression [].

I think it would be particularly helpful for the manual (and PiL) to spell out the reduced (or altered) set of magic characters inside a [ ... ] sequence.

There is an explicit list of magic characters outside the [ ... ] sequence, but not inside. For example, does [[] match a left bracket? (It appears it does).

A quick browse of the source would appear to indicate that inside the [ ... ] sequence only the following characters are special:

] -- to end the class, unless preceded by %
% -- to introduce a character class, or magic character
^ -- in the first position only, to negate the class
- -- between two characters, to specify a range

- Nick