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I have a prototype ber1 decoder written in lua (sans netsnmp). Currently, it just take a string with a binary packet in it and prints the decoded data to the screen.

Anyone want to work with me turning this into a fuller snmp implementation?


On May 13, 2007, at 3:01 PM, Richard Ranft wrote:

Hm, can any of this be tied in with the host scripting system? I have no
idea, just throwing that out there....


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Subject: Re: can luasnmp be used to write an agent?

LuaSNMP is a binding to the net-snmp client library and does not provide
any functionality to program an agent.

A good idea though - I'm also thinking about this.


Sam Roberts schrieb:
I don't know enough about snmp to see from the docs whether luasnmp is the right tool for me. I would like to publish snmp information from an
app written in lua, I think this means being an "agent".

Can I do this with luasnmp,, or is it
just for writing managers that interact with existing agents?